Civic Game Jam #2 – The Games

This is a collection of all the digital games from the second Civic Game Jam.

We are delighted to present them to you.

You can find the recap here

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Pictures taken by Nomi  and Yannick 

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„Humanity Detection Service and Evaluation“ is a game about a computer which has managed to find the answer to the question, “What is humanity?” However, only humans can gain access to the question. But how do you prove that you are human and not a robot in disguise?

Two users – potential humans – need to interview each other with questions only a human can answer right and evaluate each other’s answers. Only to discover that they have been tricked: If they are human or not does not matter. The answer to the question “What is humanity?” has been in their own answers all along.

In the long one, it would be great to include a full database of answers that users can explore.

By: Eric, Sven, Antonia

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Blend In In Berlin 

“Blend in in Berlin is a  game about social conformity and the multi-layered nature of communities.

You play as Ed, who is newly arrived in Berlin, trying to make his way through the city. Collect items from friendly locals whilst avoiding the judgemental stares of others who see youas inferior for the clothes you wear or possessions you have.”

Team: Kai, Fabio, Joanna, James

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Classroom is a game about passing notes in class.

You are a new kid at school trying to make friends. You pass notes to try and develop relationships with your classmates.

Classroom is designed to start a conversation about how we talk with children, particularly with girls. Rather than gendering conversations from a young age, to talk about interests and hobbies to focus on personalities instead. Letting little people be little people without gender restrictions.

Think about something else….

Made by: Jessica Bishopp, Stephan Schüritz, Julia Beutling, Elise Terranova

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Problem identified:

People don’t pick up their dog’s shit in Berlin.


Do people lack ownership and sense of community within urban spaces?

Game Scenario:

The advancement of artificial intelligence has caused humans to be redundant within the workforce.Humans have been granted the important role as Dog-Shit Identifiers.

Potential Civic Gaming outcomes:

People more aware within their urban environment
Empathy towards our future selves.
A discussion of the relationship between human productivity in a AI age.


Saskia, Moritz, Quinten, Stefan, Carlia

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By Darwin Vickers and Alma Sammel

Based on reflection on Biopower and Biopolitics, Pharmakrine follows the self and externally imposed endocrine experimentations and of a subject on its rendered gender. Haunted by the embodiment of the pharmaceutical laboratories agents, the subject has no escape nor choice to the transformations that unfold upon him.

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“We wanted to create a game to convey the experience of refugees fleeing their homes for the purpose of creating more empathy and understand what they have gone through before even reaching Europe. The game is available for mobile applications. It uses a unity framework and a spreadsheet. The steps of the journey are represented by cards which present you with a situation where you have to make a choice by swiping left or right to get to the next situation. Furthermore, you have to keep an eye on your health, sanity and money stats to make it to safety. The narrative covers the journey of Joram who flees Syria with his wife and daughter and is based on reasearched reports by real refugees.”

Team: Antonella, Ivonne, Miguel

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