This is a collection of all the digital games from the third Civic Game Jam.

We are delighted to present them to you.

From the exciting start to the glorious end

Pictures taken by Nomi  and Yannick 

Game 1: Crystal Collector

„Crystal Collector“ is a game about a robot collecting crystals.
His world has come to a dystopic place without Oxygen and with collecting all these little crystals he is able to restart the “Big Crystal”, which will restore the Oxygen.

The Player controls the little Robot.

Made by: Ramzy, Laurie, Hanna

Game 2: Baby Factory

In the “Baby Factory” you play as a robot and have to train the babys, and choose how to bring them up. All of them have personal needs and preferences regarding their favourite food and toys.
But still the robot can decide about their way to live. The player has to place the babys in a crib. So it depends on where the player places the babys .

Made by: Nils, Jacob, Cathrine

Game 3: Gentle Titan

The “Gentle Titan” used to be a human and is now a machine. The player has control over the titan, which now lives in the woods at night.
But there is now a child, which is abandoned in the woods and the Titan choose to take care of it.
So you as a player have to fulfill the needs of the child, such as it’s hunger and the cold. You take care of a fire, which is not allowed to go out. Furthermore on each side of the forest are laying recourses which you can collect.
But when you move your energy level also goes down and you’re not able to move anymore. So the player questions himself how far he wants to go for this child 

Made by  Quintin, Chris and Gerd

Game 4: Racist Robocop

In Racist Robocop you are playing a cyborg policeman, that is programmed to be racist. As a player you have to solve different situations under time pressure. 
The field of view of the Cop and also of the player is highly influenced by its racist code. So for example colored people are instantly displayed as danger. 

The game picks up a discussion about the influence of racist thoughts .

Made by Team Katerfrühstück: Carlo, Miro, Nico and Timo 

Game 5: IQ Police

“IQ Police”, here the player has to answer some questions to the so called “IQ Police”, Humans live in a world, where machines claim to be smarter then the humans. So the IQ Police patrols the streets and checks the humans IQ. 
If you answer enough questions right, you are good and can pass, but if the player fails too often, he will get turned into a human sandwich . 

Made by: Sue 

Game 6: Love is a Tickbox

“Love is a tickbox” is a game about the bond between a human and his cellphone. 
In the game the player basically has to choose matches on a Tinder-like platform and then find them on a map. 
So while the player is walking around and staring to his phone he can easily be run over by cars and so on.
The field of view is massively districted by the phone which makes it difficult to guide the player. 

The team would like to show how much we depend on our cellphone these days. 

Made by: Nikolas, Jean and James

Game 7: Video Collage

The “Video Collage” is more a visualisation then a game. But the team wanted to make visible how often we actually use machines in our daily life. But not such machines like our phones or pcs, but more subtle, like traffic lights or a digger etc. 

So the player walks through our world with a constant changing image of the world.

Made by : Darwin and Tara

Game 8: Machine Detective

You are a detective and want to find out what kind of a guy for example or first ambassador is? Then the “Machine Detective” can help you!
You can there analyze what kind of music they like for example.

Made by: Lisa

Game 9: Wifi Game

Everybody knows this feeling, when you’re waiting for someone and could use a little wifi until the other person comes.
So you run after a wifi signal and that’s what you also do in the “Wifi Game”.
But unfortunately the signal always loses connection, so you have to walk from wifi spot to wifi spot, without realizing that you are somewhere completely different than before and have no clue where you started.

Made by: Fabio, Dennis, Alma, Quy

Game 10: The AI

This game is about a player whichs identity is unknown. The player sits on an computer to work, but after a while some adds pop up and suddenly a quiz starts. The test is close to the “Turing Test”. The quiz is about wether you’re an AI or a human. The experience is text based and has an unexpected plot in the end.

Made by Team Purple: Anne, Hannah, Jade and Laura 

Game 11: Money Machine

A money making machine, that sounds awesome right?
But is it? This game is actually a machine that makes money, but what’s the price?

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